Fanproject - New!
To complete our Fanbook for Moon Stream, we hade a new idea!
In fact, we want to add a video with pictures of Moon Stream's fans, around the world. You can write what you want on your hands, your arms, or on paper, but be careful to not to be too "fangirl", do you understand? Ce creative!
If you want to participate in this project, send us your photo at the following address :

And don't forget to send us a letter or a drawing for the group for show them the love you bring them, so they can see they are supported by wonderful fans. We trust you to participate in this project!

Don't hesitate to turn the fanproject on your sites, and thank you for your participation!

Miho, Sonia & Solveig.

Fanbook Moon Stream
Hello, we (Miho, Sonia and Solveig) have decided to create a fanbook to encourage Moon Stream to Europe. It will be given directly to the band in the end of September. We need your contribution! If you're interested in, please  send us until 17th september your letters, pictures, draws (size A4 max), on this email Thanks for your contribution and don't hesitate to wish Tomo's birthday (born on 29 september).

Bonjour, nous (Miho, Sonia et Solveig) avons décidé d'élaborer un fanbook pour donner envie au groupe Moon Stream de venir en Europe/France. Il sera remis en main propre aux artistes fin septembre. Nous avons besoin de votre participation, si vous êtes intéressé, envoyez nous jusqu'au 17 septembre vos lettres, photos et dessins (forum A4 maximum) à l'adresse suivante Merci pour votre participation et n'hésitez pas à souhaiter un joyeux anniversaire à Tomo né le 29 septembre.

砂月 Sweet Dreams
■ Satsuki's very last blogposts have been translated, come and learn more about his last lives in the 'Translations' section of the forum.
■ Also, thanks to Miho, the forum just got a full makeover, check out the new design and tell us what you think about it~
■ Don't forget Satsuki is releasing his last single「SYMPATHY」on August 24th and that you can buy it on CDJapan.

See you on ~

Seiko ☆彡

Welcome to

Royal Prince Satsuki ★

Let me introduce myself. I'm Miho, I'm 18 years old and I live in France. I'm really fan of Satsuki, That's why I create a community on Livejournal, because I like search news and share them.

Please forgive my bad english. I do my best to make me understand. Hope you enjoy my livejournal, and you follow me. I will do anything for Satsuki, because he is the best for me ♥

Good visiting.


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